Friday, November 9, 2012

My Little Bud Turns 5


Any of you that have young children know what a joy they are. (And also what a handful they can be!) But I have to brag just a little about my Christopher today. He's turning five today, and I just couldn't be more of a proud momma than I am of my little guy.

I went to his conference last night and his teacher and I were talking about his progress from the beginning of the year until now. Personally, I have noticed a distinct change in him within the past few weeks. He seems to have gotten older. More mature. It's like all of a sudden, I've been getting these glimpses of a grown-up Chris. And I really like what I see.

My Chris has always been a sensitive little guy. He's pretty in-tune with what people are feeling and I just love that about him. He has a big heart. He's the kind of kid who genuinely feels bad if he does something to hurt or disappoint someone. And he honestly likes to make people happy. He has a strong built-in conscience and an empathy for those around him. I plan on doing my best to nurture that so he will grow into a man with the same kind heart he has as a young boy.

Just this morning, he showed his soft side, so to speak. I bought him some Captain America tattoos for his birthday. I thought that would be cool because he's such a big fan these days. So, he opens his tattoos and says, "I already have these." I quickly said, "no you don't," thinking he was mistaken. I was just as quickly put in my place by the seven year old boss of the house when she clearly stated that he indeed does have those already! Well, I guess I really am getting old because I still don't remember buying those for him before now! lol. But, I said something like "shoot, I'm sorry. I didn't know you already had those." And Chris's response... "It's ok mom. I lost my other ones so it's good you bought me more." I'm sure they're not lost. They're probably in our closet with the other tattoos. But isn't he just such a sweetheart for trying to make me feel better about it? :)

In addition to his sweetheartedness, he's so darn funny and adorably cute too! I just love listening to his stories at the dinner table. He's stinking hilarious! His teacher and I were talking last night about his scrunchie face. If you know Chris, you have probably seen it. If not, you are really missing out! He has the cutest expressions but  the scrunchie face really takes the cake. He knows it, too. Whenever I try to tease him about it, he gets a huge smile on his face. Which, in turn, makes me smile too. He always knows how to make me smile. Always has. He's the kind of kid that you have to turn your back on so he won't know you're laughing when you're trying really hard to be serious about something you're saying to him. What a stinker he is! 

So I wanted to take a minute today to say Happy Birthday to my little guy. He's the joy of my life in so many ways. And I hope, when he is grown, he remains the big-hearted, sensitive yet silly guy that he is now. Happy 5th Birthday Little Bud!

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