Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wooden Bowl Display

A thrifted and salvaged wall organizer for the bathroom via
I'm always picking up various odds and ends at the thrift store. One corner of my house is actually overrun by all the junk I find. I figured I'd better start using some of it or I might as well just call myself a hoarder and be done with it! This project used only one little piece from my stash, a wooden bowl. But hey, at least it's a start!
This is a pretty basic project. I used a hacksaw to cut the wooden bowl in half. I might have used an different saw, except I previously sawed right through the cord and need to get that taken care of. So, hacksaw and muscle it was!

Once the bowl was cut in half, I painted it in a light coat of Rushmore from American Paint Company. 
Thrifted wooden bowls for a wall organizer via
For the backer, I used a piece of wood that had originally been part of a magazine holder. It had seen better days, for sure, and I'd already taken it apart to use in other projects. I painted some white onto the wood and then taped off an area for a couple of stripes. Those I painted Traverse City Cherry. 
Salvaged wood from a magazine holder used with wooden bowls
After putting some wood glue on the backs of the bowls where they would meet the wood, I nailed them in from the back. This was a little tricky because the bowls are round and, accordingly, there wasn't really a flat surface to lay the piece on for nailing. But I managed with a little fanagling. 
Wooden bowls, cut in half, become a small wall ogranizer or display
I originally made this to be a small organizer, for the bathroom perhaps, but I didn't have anything pretty to put in it for photos. So I went with flowers here. I don't have any pretty, vintage toiletries in my bathroom. Just the basics that I use everyday. Hazard of having a small bathroom I suppose. Not much room for extras! 
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