Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Housewarming Gift and A Custom Sign for Another Friend

Home Sign from a Repurposed Wine Barrel | Denise on a Whim
A few weekends ago, I went to a housewarming party at a wonderful little cottage on the lake.
My friend's son and his girlfriend bought a house and, after remodeling most of it, finally got to move in. Emily, the lady of the house, has great taste!
After having seen the way she decorated the house, I chose to make them this sign from a piece of an old wine barrel that my friend had given me.

Here is the sign, pictured in front of the charming beadboard walls of their living room!
It's a perfect little house for just the two of them but,
I have to admit,
I'm entirely jealous!
I mean, c'mon. Lake. Cottage. Beadboard walls painted a warm shade of blue?
Who wouldn't be jealous? :)
Home Sign from a Repurposed Wine Barrel | Denise on a Whim
I love that my friend gave me the wine barrel piece to use as the sign.
The weathered board, with rusty bands, look amazing!
Wine Barrel Home Sign from Denise on a Whim
To personalize the sign for them, I added the year that they bought the house inside the heart.
Wine Barrel Housewarming Sign from Denise on a Whim

I also brought another sign to the housewarming party.
It wasn't for the hosts, but for a different friend I thought might show up.

She had requested that I make her a sign for her house on the river.
She told me what she wanted to it to say, Little House on the River,
calling to mind the beloved writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I came up with this little design and, I have to say, it's one of my favorite custom signs!
Little House on the River Painted Pallet from Denise on a Whim

So there you have it.
Two very different signs for two sets of friends!
Wine Barrel Sign from Denise on a Whim

Little House on the River Pallet from Denise on a Whim

Let's keep in touch...
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