Friday, March 29, 2013

Make Your Own Wire Flowers

The other day, I showed off the mail holder that we made from a shutter. 
I had placed some wire flowers in the shutter for decoration and now I'd like to tell you more about how I made those. 

Start with a roll of lower gauge wire. I'm not sure what thickness this is because  I've had it sitting around my house for awhile and don't remember (I apologize).
But it's easily shaped, yet strong enough to hold its form. 
Start by making a petal shape and looping the end around where it meets the wire again to secure it.  
Next you can make your second loop. It really doesn't matter which direction you make the loop, because you can fill the petals in around any side of the flower very easily.  
Simply bend the wire around the middle each time you make a petal to form your flower. Again, it's pretty tough to make a mistake because you can bend and fold the wire any way  you need to in order to fill in your flower petals. 
You will end up having something that looks like this.  
In order to finish the flower and hide the imperfections of the middle where all of the wires are folded around each other, I did one of two things. For the flower on the left, I used an embroidery needle and thread, made a very large knot in the end, and sewed the thread up and through various loops in the wire and called it good. For the flower on the right, I did the same thing, but then used a sewing needle (because the embroidery needle was too large for the button holes) to add the button on.
The really nice part about making flowers in this fashion, is that you really can't mess them up! 
And I just love them! And I like that I can coordinate them with any project or decor just by switching up the color in the middle!

Hope you enjoyed seeing more about these wire flowers.
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