Friday, March 14, 2014

Repurposed Spring Bird Nest

Spring Bird Nest Decor from a Repurposed Light Fixture via
Since I picked up this old porch light at a rummage sale last summer, I've always thought it would make the perfect birdhouse. Well, now it's transformed but not quite into a birdhouse. It's a pretty piece of indoor spring decor instead!
I loved the shape and patina on this old light fixture and just had to grab it. In order to transform it, I simply removed the light bulb holders that were at the bottom and added some spring bling!Combining Metal and Natural Elements to Create a Spring Arrangement via
I lined the bottom of the fixture with reindeer moss from the dollar store, dabbing hot glue and sticking the moss into place. 
Nest of Spanish Moss in an Old Light Fixture via http:///
I formed some dried spanish moss into the rough shape of  bird nest and placed it onto the reindeer moss, dabbing a bit of glue underneath the nest to keep it in place. The eggs are paper mache eggs I purchased at the craft store, painted with American Paint Company's Treasure Box and slightly speckled with Destin Gulf Green from CeCe Cadlwell.
Painted Paper Mache Eggs in a Nest of Spanish Moss via http:///
I added a few sprigs of red flowers that I had leftover from my Spring Succulent Arrangement. They give the piece a nice pop of color!
A few sprigs of red give this spring arrangement a pop of color via http:///
On the top of the metal fixture, I applied more Treasure Box, let it sit for a bit, and then took a moist rag and wiped most of it off. I just wanted a hint of color up there. It looks really white in this picture but it's the same color as that on the eggs.
Creating a faux patina on metal with paint via
I love the mix of metal with the soft natural elements!
Spring Bird Nest Decor via

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