Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The Little Things

Sometimes, when you quit rushing and trying to accomplish everything on your list of things to do, you realize that life is full of wonderful little pleasures. Last night I stepped outside and walked around to my front yard. I couldn't help but notice how the bright evening sunlight was perfect, shining golden rays through and around the tree, with the neighbor's barns in the background, cows grazing in the pasture. I had taken a short break from working on some projects, which I've really been feeling the pressure to complete lately. On A Whim has its very first show next month and, of course, I want everything to be just perfect, so I'm freaking out a little on the inside. And the Fair, for which I have some big responsibilities, follows right on the heels of that. Reason number 2 for extra stress.

But last night I was also fighting off a headache. So I decided to get a little fresh air in between painting a few smaller pieces. And I'm so glad I did. I'm no photographer, but I think I have a pretty decent eye for things that look good. And, boy, it was perfect timing to walk outside when I did. 

It sort of took my breath away when I looked across the road and saw so many beautiful elements together. A picture-perfect moment indeed. And that doesn't happen everyday. Or... does it?

I think maybe it could, if we took the time to look at the world around us. It gets difficult sometimes to, shall we say, stop and smell the roses. But, friends, that exactly what we should be doing. I think we all need some beauty, some renewing of the human soul. All it takes sometimes it something small. Something gorgeous, whether that be words, images, music. There's much out there to behold. We only need to look and listen every now and again.

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