Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Diamond in the Rough

A Cabinet Redo with a Cat Photo Bomb via http://deniseonawhim.blogspot.com
Hello everyone! I've really missed being here! But I needed a little bit of time. Thanks for all of the kind comments and support you all have given to me. It really means so much!
Today's project is a favorite. Of my cat's anyway! Ha ha! There's my little Marco photo bombing. Again!
This was just a little cabinet I picked up at a sale.
Here's is what it looked like when I bought it. Not quite my taste.
The Before of a Cabinet Redo via http://deniseonawhim.blogspot.com
For the inside of the cabinet, I used white and Surfboard and then added a little bit of Peacock.
Peacock over Surfboard on the Incside of the Cabinet via http://deniseonawhim.blogspot.com

Small Cabinet Redo via http://deniseonawhim.blogspot.com
I used Peacock on the inset of the door and Surfboard for the door itself.
Spring HIll Green Diamonds on Surfboard via http://deniseonawhim.blogspot.com
After taping off a diamond pattern, I used Spring Hill Green to paint the diamonds. I added a very thin line in Peacock after removing the tape.
Spring HIll Green Diamonds with Peacock Trim via http://deniseonawhim.blogspot.com
Now it's definitely more my style!
Diamond Cabinet Refinish via http://deniseonawhim.blogspot.com
I'm so glad to be back and I have another little project to share with you yet this week! :)

Let's keep in touch...
Your comments make me smile :) 'Til next time!
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