Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Very First Sale!

Yesterday evening we made our very first actual sale at On A Whim! Woohoo! It was a small item, but felt hugely gratifying. Thanks to Kendra for making the purchase! :) Here's our first product sold: a cute little shabby chic picture holder (drum roll please)...

Now that Eric and I are nearly finished getting some business-related "junk" all set up (and we all know there's nothing very fun about that!), we can focus on the good part: working on some awesome inventory. We have a stockpile of things we can't wait to repurpose and make and just a boatload of ideas for a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately, we both have full-time jobs (and kids!) and there's only so much you can cram into a 24 hour day. I'm sure that's not news to any of you! But, we're chugging along, like real troopers! :) Soon we'll have enough cool inventory to open up a booth and get to our first real-live show. We can't wait and, honestly, we hope you're just a teeny little bit excited, too! :)

Tomorrow morning I'm off to the auction house (probably in a borrowed truck since my car is basically worthless for hauling things) to pick up a cool vintage trunk, an end table and a mirror. Can't wait to get them! Add those to the other 3 items we picked up this week, and Eric and I have a very busy week or so ahead of us. Of course, first things first... I need to set up my daughter's new daybed, transformed, of course, with the paint of her choice: grape purple. The color is actually pretty cool. She has good taste. She is MY daughter, after all. Ha ha!

After the auction house and what is sure to be dubbed "the bed fiasco of 2012" (the fiasco part consists of taking down her old bed, which is absolutely huge!),  hopefully I can work outdoors on some furniture projects! I'm just dying to work on this piece that was once a clock tower thingamajig. Think it's gonna be pretty cool when it's done. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I sure plan on it. :)

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