Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes I Hear Voices... :)

I thought I'd share an older project with you today. I've never posted about it and it's one of my absolute favorite things that we've made. We sold this on our Etsy store awhile back so it's beautifying someone else's dwelling now. Truth be told, I was sad when it had to go. I would gladly have kept this little beauty that was made completely out of repurposed materials. 

You may know already, but I work for a sign company. When Eric and I started On A Whim , I scrounged around the shop and outside to find any junk that I could use for our projects. Believe me, there was plenty to pick from. I single-handedly cleaned up a big portion of the yard out back of our shop! :)

I came across these 3 metal pieces. All three were out by the trash dumpster and one was half buried under the ground. But I just knew, the minute I looked at them, that they were destined for greatness. In fact, they kind of spoke to me. Not in the literal sense. I'm not that crazy after all. (And non of my friends are allowed to comment here to dispute that fact! lol) But these 3 pieces of discarded metal junk really and truly wanted to be drawers. They told me so! :)

So I brought them home and explained to Eric what they wanted to be. He built the cabinet for them out of repurposed pallet wood. He then buffed them so they were a little shiny and had even more character. I had picked out some drawer pulls that he attached. I stained the cabinet with my very favorite, super-dark gel stain that's I'm-not-sure-how-old, and voila! That trash I had rescued was given new life.  

I do believe this was the very first project in which I told Eric that a piece of material had told me that it wanted to be something specific. Most likely, he thought I was off my gourd. But, he listened to me and created this little beauty. (And he didn't up and leave me because I was nuts either! lol.) Since then, I've told him similar things. He just smiles and says I'm cute. I think this is secretly his way of calling me special! ha ha! Either way, he always ends up liking the end product, so he doesn't question what I ask him to do. Who knows... one of these days he might hear an object talking to him too! Then we'll be even more perfect for each other! :)

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  1. Wow! Awesome use... thank you for sharing this metal drawered chest with us. Little Bit from

  2. This is like crazy cool and I can't believe you let it go! Well, you will just have to find some more cool metal drawers and whip up another! haha If you get a chance this weekend I would love for you to share at Get Schooled Saturday!

    1. You're so kind! Thanks for inviting me to share too. :)

  3. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing. So impressed at the vision you had.


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