Friday, April 12, 2013

Coffee Anyone?

Last weekend I had some pretty severe pain in my diaphragm. I've had gastro-intestinal issues before so I was pretty certain that's what it was stemming from. At any rate, I ended up having to go to the urgent care clinic on Sunday as the pain hadn't ceased much since Friday night and I wasn't really able to stand it anymore. 

Long story short, I probably do have a peptic ulcer. And possibly a bacterial infection that caused it to flair up. So I'm on some medication now for awhile and hopefully that will help.

The real reason I'm writing to tell you all this is because I was told that my condition is probably past the point of being able to enjoy some of my favorite things any longer. Namely, coffee and soda! I live on coffee and soda people! So this was quite disheartening news for me, and a little hard to digest.

But I've been coffee-free for seven days now and have only had about 6oz of pop, and that was only to try to ward off the caffeine-withdrawal headache I was suffering from. It's not easy. In fact, it really stinks! I enjoy getting up early in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, and sitting down to watch the news or read a blog or check out Pinterest.
Truth is, I've felt a little like a fish out of water lately without my coffee  cup in-hand...

So, I've decided to live vicariously through some really fantastic coffee recipes that I've found. 
I figure, if it's just an ingredient in something, and I'm not chugging it by the pot-full, how bad can that really be? lol

So check out these delicioso recipes that have coffee as an ingredient.
{make sure to pin anything directly from the original source}
I'm pretty sure these will satisfy my need for coffee (for at least a day! lol)
Don't they look and sound wuuuunnderful?
Lyuba at Will Cook for Smiles shares this recipe on her blog. 
Brown Eyed Baker gives us the recipe for these fantastic cupcakes.
She says she always uses at least a 1:1 ratio of frosting to cake when frosting her cupcakes.
I really like her way of thinking! 
Mocha Cupcakes with Espresso Buttercream Frosting
Jen at Savory Simple shares her recipe for espresso brownies.
Can't go wrong with a brownie in my book!
The ingredient list is not long and the recipe seems easy.
Espresso Brownies
Chocolate. Coffee. Ice Cream. Cookie.
Enough said.
You must check out these ice cream sandwiches at Heather Christo Cooks!
and here's the recipe for the Coffee Ice Cream.
How about some donuts and coffee?
Always a good combination, right?
Check out this recipe from Will Jog for Food.
Who doesn't love a good coffee cake?
Especially when it's coffee-flavored cake
like this recipe from The Bite House!
Who can resist cookie dough? I know I can't.
Combine it with cheesecake and it's a definite must-have!
This cheesecake from Willow Bird Baking sounds amazing!
And how could I not include a cookie in this list?
I adore cookies!
This one from Bake Your Day sounds like my kind of cookie!

Hope you enjoyed these. I sure know I have enjoyed looking at them!
(all the while just itching for a cup of coffee too! oh well!)


  1. Wow! Just got back from Weight Watchers and you have these mouth watering temptations. Well, no calories to look!

  2. OMG Why did you do this??!!! I know what you're talking about with the withdrawal symptoms, all my sympathy. I have hyperthyroidism and to avoid taking the medication for the rest of my life, I've chosen to amend my diet. No desserts, no alcohol, as little wheat products as I can get away with, and no coffee (although I cheat and have one 8 oz cup per day). It's so hard & I fall off the bandwagon lots still which means all the symptoms come back & encourage me to get back on again!! lol Oh well, someday I'll heal and be able to indulge again. I'm still waiting...

  3. I'm pretty much addicted to coffee! :) YUM!

    Thanks for joining the Blog Hop this week! :)


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