Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pallet Wood Shelf

I found these really cool brackets at Hobby Lobby a short time ago.
I just loved how they look and the finish they have.
And they were half off,
so how could I resist? :)
 I asked Eric to grab some pallet wood and make a shelf with them.
Not only did he grab some pallet wood, he grabbed the best, most rugged pieces he could find and made this little beauty!

All I had to do to it was throw some brown paint on the screwheads so they would match the brackets.

Easiest job ever!  
I thought this rugged little shelf  would be a great compliment to the new sign I had painted.

I grabbed a few odds and ends: some vintage bottles, a couple of color coordinating spools of thread from the thrift store, a few red springs (that I'm sure are going to make something wonderful in the near future!) , and this cute little jar  I got at the Rehab store for 25 cents. I filled her up with some vintage buttons to go with the spools of thread.

 I'm thrilled with how they look together.
My dainty, pretty sign and this old, rustic-as-can-be shelf make a pretty nice couple!

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