Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autumn-Inspired Cupboard Door Shelf

I was lucky enough to snag some showroom cupboard doors at an auction last year. They were all different in design and color. I've used some as signs and hook boards and only have a few left. I decided to make this one into a shelf!
I didn't touch the cupboard door itself. I loved the color and the distressing as it was. It just so happened that I had a piece of 2x4 sitting in my garage that was only slightly wider than the door.
I grabbed the 2x4 and painted it with a little Cottonwood Sienna and a touch of Saddle. Then I simply nailed it onto the bottom of the door from the bottom. 
I liked it but it was definitely not finished. So I grabbed some drop cloth and cut some bunting.
I painted the drop cloth with Saddle and made a few quick rosettes with more drop cloth, hot gluing some of my mom's old trusty buttons onto them to cinch them together a bit.
Then I attached the the pieces to a twine string with hot glue and glued them to the back of the cupboard door.
I made a quick pallet sign out of 2 leftover board pieces and used the same twine to string the 2 pieces together. Worked just as good as chain, which I didn't have on-hand anyway! 
Then I added a few gourds, some rusty metal and a couple of old slide boxes I had lying around.
This easy little shelf was a good base for a simple fall vignette.
'Til next time!
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