Friday, November 22, 2013

Every Time a Bell Rings... A Christmas Sign with a Classic Movie Line

Movie line from It's a Wonderful Life as pallet art
When it comes to the holidays, I can't go a season with watching my favorite movie (ever): It's a Wonderful Life. It's an awesome reminder of how important each and every one of us are in this crazy-old world!

I try to only watch it during the holiday season because I think that makes the movie even more special. I used to force my Mom and Dad to watch it with me on Thanksgiving. Though I think they both secretly enjoyed it, even though my Dad was missing the news. :)

Here's the classic scene when George is reunited with his family after finding out what the world would be like if he had never been born...
When George and Mary finally admit to themselves that they're in love (talk about some tension!)...
George finally realizing that, despite all of its monetary shortcomings, he really has had a wonderful life...
And this scene, when Clarence gets his wings...
I thought a sign with the classic line from my favorite movie would be the perfect project for me! So we put together a pallet sign and, using Vintage White, Graphite and Traverse City Cherry, I painted this sign...
Every Time a Bell Rings, An Angel Gets His Wings Pallet Sign
Painted pallet sign with classic movie line as artwork
Classic movie line subway art
I can't wait for a little time down-time so I can pop this movie in and enjoy! It's definitely close enough to the holiday season for me!
If you missed the Burlap and Chippy Window Winter Sign we shared a few weeks ago, you might want to go check that out. It's a beauty!
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