Sunday, August 12, 2012

the answer is yes

I am tired and can't sleep. I took a long hot bath and I'm drinking some wine. Plus, I've just had a pretty busy week. But, I cannot seem to get myself wound down. I think I might know the reason: I have something to get off my chest.

I've just finished off an amazing week. One that's always full of bustling activity, late nights and early mornings, lots of greasy fair food, stinky crap (literally) and noisy animals, and boatloads of responsibilities. But none of these things compare to the wonderful people who surround me during fair week. The laughs and fantastic times we share are so wonderful that I cannot even describe what a high it is.

I know I've already blogged about the people that I know and love at the fair. But I just can't help it. I have to say again what a joy it is to work with this group of people. Things get crazy and hectic and we get so fantastically tired, but somehow we manage to keep our spirits high and our humor over-flowing. I would hate to give this up.

My 3-year term on the board is up this year. I've been asked numerous times this week if I'll run for the Kent County Youth Fair Board of Directors again. Had I been asked a month ago, I think my answer would have been "no." It's something I've been struggling with. I hate to let people down and that's what I feel I would be doing if I didn't run again...

But, after this week, I'm reminded how much I love doing this. I literally love being a part of the fair. I have such a great time and have made so many wonderful friends. Friends who make me laugh. Friends who are there for me when I cry, and help me out when I need a hand. And those kinds of people can be pretty hard to come by. 

And, I cannot deny, I like the responsibility. I thrive on it. I feel like I'm an integral part of something important. Even with the inherent headaches that come from being on a board of directors, no matter what the organization might be, I like what I do. I could do without the 'politics' but, like I said, it comes with the territory. Fortunately, though, there are enough people to counteract the negative aspects of this position. There are people who whole-heartedly care about the fair. That want to see it succeed. Who aren't a part of it for the title or the resume point. I think I fall into this category. And I know my friends that I mentioned earlier do as well.

So now, having just finished off this fantastic week of fair, my answer to the question of whether or not I'll run again is a definite "yes." After all, I would miss this. Sometimes, at 12:30am, when we're all grouped in the office for a few minutes of downtime, laughing hysterically over something completely stupid, I feel like I might be the luckiest girl alive. Because I'm part of something pretty amazing. And I have so much fun doing it. :)

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