Monday, December 2, 2013

Candy Cane Wreath

turning a bundt pan into a Christmas wreath via
When you always have a bundt pan hanging around, like I seem to, you find lots of things to do with them. Our latest bundt pan creation is a candy cane wreath.
Well, let me just start out by saying, of course I had another bundt pan in my house! I almost never pass one up at the thrift store. 
Bundt Pan Candy Cane wreath via
This particular pan was white. I got out some Traverse City Cherry and painted each alternating section so it would look like a candy cane. I hot-glued a poinsettia flower (also from the thrift store) into the middle of the pan. Then I added some white and silver ribbon to the back, also with hot glue. After drilling a few holes in the top and adding some twine, I hung it up on this great old cupboard door I've had in the garage for awhile. Not sure why I never brought it in the house to use for decor before. It makes a very nice backdrop!

Eric's Dad gave us a few goodies a bit ago, including this old bottle with a rusty, crusty metal latch on the top. 
Bundt Pan Candy Cane wreath via
And this wonderful Bell jar with a metal lid!
Bundt Pan Candy Cane wreath via
I added a silver branch, along with a few red and green bulbs, in this wonderfully delicate piece I picked up at the local thrift store for only $2. I love how pretty this is!
Bundt Pan Candy Cane wreath via
Unfortunately, I'm not going to keep everything as you see it here for too long. Our new kitten loves jumping up on this stand and causing ruckus! I certainly don't want him breaking any of my treasures! And, may I just add, he's going to be a real joy when we get our actual Christmas tree up! I can't wait...
A Christmas wreath from a bundt pan and some fun vintage treasures to decorate via
Wish me luck with the cat! We're getting our tree out soon. :)

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