Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Antique Red & Cream Stand

Antique Stand Makeover via
I've had this stand in my garage for nearly 2 years. After the holidays and the tree came down in my workshop (aka: living room), I figured it was high time I got to painting this beauty!
Because I was working on Valentine items for our booth, red immediately came to mind. I fell a little in love with the red and cream sewing desk I painted this past fall and I've been wanting to use the same color combo on another piece. This antique stand seemed to fit the bill!
Stripe Detail on the Top of an Antique Stand makeover via
To prep the stand, I had to do a few things. I sanded it lightly on the sides, drawer font and legs to remove some chipping varnish. I removed the veneer, which was peeling badly, from the top. I added some poly to the parts that I wanted to leave with the original finish. It had a wonderful appearance and I didn't want to cover those areas up.

For the sides, the legs and some of the trim, I chose The Real Milk Paint Company's Cream. I don't use milk paint that often, but I love the chippy look on the sides of this stand and on the drawer trim!
Chippy Milk Paint Makeover via
On the top, I used CeCe Caldwell Traverse City Cherry and also added a thin stripe around the front and sides with the cream milk paint.
Chippy Milk Paint Makeover via
The pictures unfortunately aren't that great because I really had no place in my house to photograph this piece. Not without showing my horribly-oranged carpet (which I sincerely apologize for). If you've visited before, you may know that I rent my house and there are some things I can't change. The carpet would be one of them! But, from these next photos, you can see the pretty curves under the stand. You can also see that I added some red on the legs there, toward the bottom.
Criss Cross Brush Strokes on an Antique Stand Makeover via

Pretty Curved Detail on an Antique Stand Makeover via
The drawer got a coat of Traverse City Cherry. I used vertical and horizontal brush strokes for the drawer front to give it more texture and to also let the original wood show through.
Chippy Milk Paint Trim on Antique Stand Drawer via
And I love the original hardware on this piece!
Red and Cream Antique Stand Makeover via
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