Friday, January 10, 2014

Painted Lamp with a Rag Shade

painted lamp with a DIY rag lampshade via
I picked up a couple of lamps at an estate sale this past fall. They were gold and rather ugly but I liked the details on them and knew they would look cute when painted. So when I started working on new items for my booth, I grabbed one and got to work!
I used CeCe Caldwell Vintage White on the base. Then I dry brushed over that with some of the new Peacock color from American Paint Company. I love that color!
Chalk Painted Lamp via
I wanted to add some red as this would be a great piece to sit atop the stand I was painting in Traverse City Cherry. And also because Valentine's Day was the theme of my recent creativity fest! So I used red on the pole of the lamp. And went over that with a bit of Peacock, too
Chalk Painted Lamp via
The original lampshade was also a gold color. And, to be honest, it didn't smell very good. So I ripped the fabric off. And, to my surprise, the shade's frame was in a nice rusted condition!
Rag Lampshade via
I purchased a couple of shirts at my local thrift store. One was teal in color and the other was a red and teal plaid. I actually really liked both shirts. Thank goodness they were both too small for me or the lampshade may have been forgotten! :)

After cutting the shirt up and cutting it into aproximately 1" wide pieces, I began tying them to the frame. I used an alternating pattern with the fabric. In the end, the pattern went a little haywire so I could fill in a few holes here and there. But it didn't matter at all. I love how it turned out!

Rag Lampshade via
I also tied a few pieces to hang from the bottom of the frame. But I definitely wanted to leave some of that rusty frame showing! 
Rag Lampshade via
Here's a full shot of the lampshade. Along with another pretty sign I made for  the booth.
Chalk Painted Lamp with Rag Lampshade via
I can't believe how lucky I was to find the perfect shirts to match what I had already painted the base! They really work well together!
painted lamp with a DIY rag lampshade via
You could say they're a perfect match!
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