Friday, June 15, 2012

I'd Better Get Cracking!

The above pics are from my garage, a quarter of which (at least) has been overcome by antique furniture, pieces/parts to repurpose, old doors, frames, you name it! Theses 2 pictures don't even span the whole area! Man alive I've got a lot of projects to work on! :)

I hope to be able to work on them this weekend. But that might be nearly impossible. First, I'll have my kids with me for the most part (although I may have a few moments on Father's Day to work alone) and, when I start working on a project, they always want to help. I say "help" loosely because they're still a little young to be operating the palm sander or wielding a paint brush on an antique desk. :) Just last night I made the statement that I "should do something productive." My daughter's reply was, "I want to help you produce too." lol. Well, I did get a little bit of painting done without their help, so at least I can say I "produced" something. :)

I'm also going to have a few visitors this weekend. But, the good thing is, they actually can help with a few things. I plan on putting them both to work! (Eric and Gavin, that means you!) But, the work is going to have to fit in somewhere between the library carnival and Ball's ice cream and possibly swimming at Stoney Lake. Not to mention we all actually have to eat three meals tomorrow, too. My kids generally require that! :)

The catch is, we're on a deadline. We have a booth at the Lowell Riverwalk Festival on July 13th. We all know how deadlines creep up on us. And it is summer, after all, so my days are completely getting away from me as it is! Oh good gracious, I may be in trouble! I need to create more inventory. Quickly! Does anyone want to volunteer their time to a worthy cause? :)

I'm writing today to remind myself to breathe. Because when I walked in my garage this morning and saw all of this stuff, I realized I need to get crackin'! Time is running out. So I started to feel a little overwhelmed and got a little fidgety, maybe there was a bit of hyper-ventilating going on. I can't quite remember so maybe I even passed out! lol. Now that I'm at work and don't have any of those projects with me, I thought I'd take a moment to write a little and settle down. When I get home tonight, now that's another story entirely. That under-the-gun fidgetiness may just return... Wish me luck!

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