Friday, February 22, 2013

Card Catalog {Inspired} Entry Table

I'm excited to show off our new table today!

For this piece, we took a barn sale find (which was cool in and of itself... a cubby bin) and made it into a one of a kind table with 8 (yes 8!) drawers. 

 I only wish I had a before pic of the cubby. You'll have to forgive me. But when we first started our business, I didn't have a blog and never really thought too much about before pics.

It was just a plain white piece with beadboard on the back and 8 very deep cubbies. When I saw it, I absolutely had to have it! I just wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do with it. So, we sat on it for awhile...

But then I decided I wanted to put legs on it and make it a table. The hardest part was deciding whether to go vertical or horizontal with it. But we finally decided to make it

wider instead of taller and Eric constructed a base for it. 

The problem with this piece, however, was the depth of the cubbies themselves. They are about 21" deep and, therefore, are a little difficult to use. It wouldn't have worked very well as a display curio. And, as for stuffing things in the cubbies, I was afraid whatever got stuffed in there would get lost because of their depth. Kind of like the black hole of cubby storage. And no one needs another black hole in their household. Am I right or am I right? :)

I was browsing around Pinterest one day (shocking, right? lol) and noticed how many card catalog tables I had pinned. And, it suddenly became clear that we needed to make drawers for these cubbies. That way, they would be much more practical for storage. Next thing up... to break the news to Eric that he had 8 drawers to make! :)

He took it well :)

I painted the cubby unit in Annie Sloan™ Old White and then, over that, a light coat of Coco. I then taped off the stripes for the grain sack detailing and painted those with Primer Red. (It's amazing, by the way, how far a little sample pot of ASCP™ can go! I've done SO many jobs with my little pot of Primer Red!) I then gave the whole thing a light sanding so the white would show through all over and the Coco would show through the Primer Red striping.

I applied a very dark wood stain to the inside of all the drawers and the base of the table and then gave the outsides of the handmade drawers a good, thick coat of Coco. Then I applied clear and dark wax all over it because I do like the way the Coco looks much more with dark wax. 

Eric attached the cubby unit to the base and we added some inexpensive tarnished brass style knobs to the drawers. They coordinate nicely with all of the coloring on the table. 

And there you have it. A one of a kind creation, with a whole bunch of storage, out of an inexpensive  barn sale find. We hope you've enjoyed seeing it! 

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