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My Favorite Posts from 2013

My Favorite Posts from 2013 via
2013 was my first full year blogging about our projects and I have thoroughly enjoyed every post!
But I have a few sentimental favorites. They weren't the most viewed posts but I love them for specific reasons. Let's take a peek!

Beauty in Blue Desk Makeover
This was not our first furniture project. We had done a few prior for clients. We painted them as the client had specified and I loved how they turned out. But this gorgeous old desk was the first furniture project I got to paint completely how I wanted. We've done quite a few more furniture pieces since this, but this beautiful desk remains my very favorite piece of painted furniture. I love the dark stained top with the white and duck egg blue! 
Blue Desk Makeover: My Favorite Posts from 2013 via

A Charming Picket Fence
This cute little project is a favorite of mine simply because I think it's adorable! It's also one of our first projects on the blog that really took off! It was fun to see it being pinned and inspiring others. In fact, someone sent me a photo of a similar project she made for herself because she liked this one so much. That was such an awesome feeling... to know we had inspired someone's creativity!
Charming Picket Fence: My Favorite Posts from 2013 via

Heavy Metal Love
This project is close to my heart. I made it for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day last year and I adore it! I was trying for masculine, which can be tricky in a Valentine's gift, but I think I achieved the right look with all of the metal and rust! And it was fun to make! Plus, it was the first time I had used JB Weld (but not the last!) It's fun trying new things and making an idea work! 
Heavy Metal Love: My Favorite Posts from 2013 via

Sentimental Ruler Box
This little box is simple and certainly not an original idea, but it's definitely a great little piece of nostalgia for me. I happened to find an old ruler at an antique show that had my old street in Lansing printed on it. I snatched it up and asked Eric to make me this little box so I could keep the ruler and actually use it, not bury it a closet. It's sitting on my crate shelf in the kitchen now!  
Sentimental Ruler Box: My Favorite Posts from 2013 via

Project C.A.T.
This little cat bed from pallet wood is definitely a favorite of mine! The project is nothing spectacular really. What makes it so special for me is that I built this one totally by myself. I figured out the dimensions then used my new saw and cut the boards (didn't even measure wrong). And then I constructed the whole thing all alone. A proud moment for sure! :)
Pallet Cat Bed: My Favorite Posts from 2013 via

Striking Red Sewing Desk
And, finally, this petite sewing cabinet we made into a desk just makes my heart sing! I'm not one to use bold colors on furniture, but I did for this piece and I adore it! It's always a good feeling to step outside of your own comfort zone, especially when the results are so beautiful! 
Red Sewing Desk Makeover: My Favorite Posts from 2013 via
I've shared the 5 most viewed posts with you and now my personal favorites.
Do you have a favorite creation of yours from this year? I'd love for you to comment and tell me about it!

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