Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sunday Morning at the Covered Bridge

covered bridge, fall colors, historic Lowell
A few weekends ago, I took a little time for myself on a quiet Sunday morning and went to visit a great historic area just outside of town. The Fallasburg Area is simply beautiful and full of history. I take my kids to the park there sometimes but rarely do I get to enjoy some time to myself, simply soaking in the beauty that surrounds me. I snapped some pictures to share it with you all.
covered bridge, historic Lowell, fall colors
 I fit my little trip in before grocery shopping and house cleaning and working on a custom project. There's always so much to do! But, on the advice of Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors, I decided it was high-time for me to take a little time away from being busy! Thanks Donna! If you haven't read her R&R post yet, it's a great reminder to all of us busy people that downtime is not only okay, but a GOOD thing! :)
I touched briefly on what a great, historic area I live in with my post about our Junky Fruit Bowl. We recently had one covered bridge burn down in the area. Such a shame... But it got me thinking that it would be fun to share some of the history of this area with my readers. The scenery around here is quite beautiful!
covered bridge, historic Lowell, fall colors
This is the historical Fallasburg Covered Bridge, covered with a light dusting of fog...
covered bridge, historic Lowell, fall colors
It's located in such a picturesque setting on the Flat River. People often use the area for photo shoots.
covered bridge, fall colors, historic Lowell
The Fallasburg Bridge is a 100-foot span Brown truss covered bridge, erected in 1871. It's 14 feet wide and 12 feet high. Located about 5 miles north of Lowell in Vergennes Township, the bridge is still open to vehicle traffic, which is pretty neat!
covered bridge, fall colors, historic Lowell
Just look at this fantastic old wood!
covered bridge, fall colors, historic Lowell
Not only is the area gorgeous, there are quite a few historical homes on the east side of the bridge along with 2 museums as well, like the Fallasburg School.
historic Lowell, one room school house, fall colors
It's now an area museum.
fall colors, historic Lowell, one room school house, museum
 Many of the historic homes are occupied. This one wasn't, so I took a few photos.
fall colors, historic Lowell, covered bridge
The Tower Farm...
historic Lowell, fall colors, historic farm
 I really wanted a good picture of the great red barn, back there, but didn't feel quite right about traipsing all over the yard! :)
historic farm, fall colors
I hope you've enjoyed a small glimpse into the history of the Lowell area. 
covered bridge, fall colors, Lowell
There's a lot more history and beauty where this came from and I'm going to try to remind myself that's it's okay to take more downtime and share the rest with you!
historic Lowell, covered bridge, fall colors
Please check our more information about the Fallasburg Covered Bridge, the Fallasburg School and the history of the Fallasburg Area as a whole. 

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