Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bike Wheel Rag Wreath

upcycled, recycled, wheel, rust, wreath
While I didn't have the time to snap any nice, fancy pictures of this project, I'm sharing it with you anyway since I think it's pretty fun! With a little rust and some pretty fabric, my daughter's old bicycle wheel makes a pretty autumn rag wreath!
It's kind of a long story how the bike ended up in bits and pieces, but it boils down to this... My daughter and son had both outgrown their bikes. I got a bike for my daughter. A boy's bike but at this age, who cares, right? Well, my daughter cared. So I decided to take it apart and spray paint it. It's now purple and pink with daisies. And my daughter's old Dora the Explorer bike... perfect size for my son. So I took that one apart to paint it too. But before it was done, someone I work with offered me a boy's bike for my son and I took it. That left a bike, in pieces, sitting in my garage. 

As I walked in there one day, I saw this wheel sitting on the floor. I scooped it up, took it inside and decided it would make a great wreath! I took two patterns of leftover fabric and ripped them into pieces. Then I simply knotted them around the rim. I did all of the checked fabric first, then randomly added the darker brown floral print around the wheel.
upcycled, recycled, wheel, rust, wreath
Here it is with an autumn banner I threw together with some of the same material and a place mat from the thrift store.
upcycled, recycled, wheel, rust, wreath
I simply cut the place mat into pieces and, with the fringe as the bottom, stenciled letters on. Then I hot glued them into place on some twine, tying a few rag pieces in between each letter. 
upcycled, recycled, wheel, rust, wreath
For the wreath, I printed a couple of designs off the computer on regular office paper, mod podging them to some book pages, and added them onto the spokes with a couple of painted clothespin. Instant autumn wreath! And totally upcycled to boot!
upcycled, recycled, wheel, rust, wreath
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful colors of autumn, the chilly air and the toasty beverages that come with it!
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