Monday, February 24, 2014

Gallery Wall Update

Gallery wall update via
Sometimes, one change leads to another. Most times, really. When I changed my furniture around, my wall got all unbalanced. So I went ahead and changed that around, too. And I'm loving it!
The weekend before last, I moved my furniture around in the living room. That probably should have been a post in and of itself because it took nearly an entire day. lol. I only had the gumption to move things around because I needed to actually move my entertainment center from where it was so I could finish painting it. Well, I did finish that (which is partly why the living room rearranging took all day). Now I just need new knobs for it. I'm really looking forward to sharing that makeover with you!
In the meantime, though, I'm showing you my new gallery wall.
Living room gallery wall via
It's tough to get a great picture because my living room isn't big enough for me to get a straight-on shot of the entire thing and also because there's lots of glare off the photos. But glare implies sun and bright skies, right? I'm definitely not complaining about those!
Living room gallery wall via
Most of my frames are either dark brown or black but I did have a couple that were a lighter stained wood and I ended up painting those to coordinate better. I need to paint that one small frame yet, but it was an add on at the end so it didn't get done before the photos.
I had started making something last week with a sweet rusty metal bin and pallet wood. I ended up tweaking it a little so it would work on my gallery wall. I think it's pretty much perfect and I'll be sharing all the rusty details with you tomorrow so please stop back by to see more of it!
To coordinate with my new metal shelf and fill a few spaces, I added a couple of super-rusty iron hooks and a vintage cutting board to my gallery wall, too. 
Family gallery wall and a rusty metal shelf via
I'm glad I ended up moving the furniture around because it led to this. And I think my new gallery wall looks pretty spiffy! :)

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