Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vintage Desktop Organizing 101

Chippy Hinge and Magnetic Bulldog Clip via
Since I can't get enough of my new Wall Organizer, I'm kind of sharing it again today! But only sorta-kinda. Because today I'm just highlighting some of the fun stuff I turned into little desktop organizing solutions.
If you saw my Wall Organizer post, you already saw how I used an old jar for a pencil holder and a little-bit-rusty bulldog clip as a magnet on a chippy hinge.
Glass jar for Holding Pencils on a Junky Wall Organizer via http;//
You already saw this cute little fluted tin that holds the chalk for the chalkboard file pockets I made. And the vintage ruler box that holds a stack of post-it notes and a few rubber bands.
Small Vintage Tin for Holding Chalk on a Wall Organizer via http;//
But I have a few more goodies to show you.
Some things I've picked up here and there that I thought you might want to see.
How about a little vintage bottle holding paperclips?
And this wonderful Frigidaire ice cube tray I'll use for holding even more littles? Isn't it fantastic?
Vintage Frigidaire Ice Cube Tray and a Little Paperclip Holder via
I found these tiny little jam jars with rusty lids at the store where we have our booth. I wasn't sure they were going to fit in the ice cube slots but, sure enough, they did! Now I wish I had purchased a few more.
And just check out the patina on that ice cube tray!!
Vintage Frigidaire Ice Cube Tray and Rusty Jam Jars via
And then there's this old matchbook holder. I got it because I thought it might be the perfect size for business cards. And it is! :)
Vintage Matchbook Holder to Store Business cards via
Just a few fun accessories to go with my new wall organizer.
Now, I just need to figure out where in the world to actually fit a desk in my house! Oh the joys of living in cramped quarters! :)
Junky Wall Organizer via
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