Friday, March 25, 2016

Mason Jar Spice Rack on an Old Spool

Mason Jar Spice Rack on an Old Spool with Vintage Kitchen Utensils and a Sign | Denise on a Whim
My new kitchen decor series continues today with my updated Mason Jar Spice Rack.
I used this old spool for my spices before, but these pretty jars are all new. (And old, of course!)
I bet some of you out there belong to local facebook garage sale pages.
Am I right?
There are so many of them, I can't even keep track anymore!
And I almost never get first dibs on anything.
Almost never.
Because I did happen to be the first interested comment on these vintage miniature Mason jars.

I had been thinking about using some of these in my spice rack and, somehow, got lucky enough to stumble upon some just when I needed them! What luck!
Mason Jars for Spices with Vintage Inspired Labels | Denise on a Whim
I used 4 of the Mason jars in my spice rack.
They're larger than the other jars you see here so I filled them with the spices I use more often. 

The smaller jars, with the red lids, came from World Market.
I liked that they had the metal closures to coordinate with the vintage Mason jars.

I made labels for each spice. They match the labels I made for my Mason Jar Canisters, which are sitting next to my spice rack.Mason Jars for Spices with Vintage Inspired Labels | Denise on a Whim
Sitting atop the spool where my spices are stored, are some of my vintage utensils.
I always grab vintage kitchen utensils when I find them for a good price so I have quite a little collection. This makes a great place to display some of them. I added a small 2x4 scrap sign to pull it all together.
Mason Jar Spice Rack on an Old Spool with Vintage Kitchen Utensils and a Sign | Denise on a Whim
Right next to the spice rack, sits this old wooden silverware organizer that I grabbed at the thrift store. I scuffed it with sandpaper and stained it much darker than the original teak look it had. It makes the perfect little display box for a few more vintage kitchen gadgets!
Wooden Silverware Organizer Display Shelf | Denise on a Whim
This little corner of my kitchen is complete and has a great vintage vibe going on that I'm in love with! I'll be back next week to show you another area that I've redecorated.
Mason Jar Spice Rack on an Old Spool | Denise on a Whim
Let's keep in touch...
Your comments make me smile :) 'Til next time!
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