Friday, May 10, 2013

A Custom Mother's Day Gift

In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to share with you this custom sign we made for a friend of mine.
She sent me the poem a while ago and asked if we could make something rustic for her Mother in Law.
Yeah... we do rustic. :)
I first laid the poem out in Adobe Illustrator to set the text  up in a pleasing way.
Then I cut a stencil.
I painted the leftover banner material with ASCP Old White and then Coco, adding some dark wax over that. I normally don't put wax on this material, but I just love Coco with dark wax on it. 
Next I laid out the stencil and painted the serif text in Graphite and the script in Aubusson Blue.
That part was done.
Next up, Eric made a frame with pallet wood. I asked him to make it slightly larger than need be so I could put a burlap matte around the canvas.
I stained the frame and, once dried, measured my burlap out and cut it, also cutting the inside portion out to about the size I wanted it. I then placed it on the back of the frame, making sure to check to flip it over before stapling to be sure it was relatively straight along the inside edge of the frame. I stapled it onto the back at the corners. Then I added the banner, stapling that, along with the burlap, along the whole edge all the way around. I trimmed up the inside of the burlap then, just to straighten the line a bit. 
My friend thinks her Mother in law will love it.
I certainly hope so!
I'm happy with the burlap matte.
I had never tried it before but it turned out really cute. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!
Hope you have a great one!  


  1. Hello! How did you create the stencil? You didn't cut that by hand, correct? I would love to make something like this. Thank you, appreciate the help!

    1. Oh good gracious no, Karra! I did not cut all of that lettering out by hand! lol I actually work for a sign company and I use the leftover adhesive vinyl, along with our high-tech fancy cutting machines to do my stencils. But there are also home versions out there that people use too. I'm just lucky enough not to need one at home :)


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