Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Kitchen Crate Shelf

 I picked up these chippy green vintage kitchen items a short time ago and I wanted to display them somewhere in my current kitchen. My very tiny current kitchen. I asked Eric to make me a shelf to fit on a different wall. But then I got impatient. And I got an idea!
I have this iron and strawberry creation on the wall between my door and window. I made this piece many, many years ago. Just thinking about how many years makes me feel quite old! But, let's move on, shall we...
I got to looking around my stash o' stuff and remembered this crate a friend had given to me. After bringing it in and making sure it wouldn't stick out too far (thus causing my kids, possibly even myself, to run into it and knock all of my precious stuff off), I got out the stud finder and the drill and hung it on the wall. 

 Sorry this picture is so blurry. Don't know what happened there. I did take these in the morning. Maybe I had too much coffee and got a shaky hand. lol
I was able to display my new vintage goods on it as well as some old favorites.
Like my fruit basket cow.
And my little pie cow (as opposed to cow pie) with the stalk of rhubarb.
And there's another one sitting on a berry pie. Here's the inside message. By the way, you all really are a delight!
As for the strawberry wallpaper, that's not even my addition. It was there when I moved in. And very appropriate for my strawberry kitchen! :)
If you want to check out the other stuff I picked up when I got my chippy new kitchen pieces, you can find that post here

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'Til next time!
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