Monday, August 12, 2013

Finally Buying a Few Pieces for Me!

I finally did it! I bought something for me to keep. I normally see things that I like and want for myself but pass them up to buy goodies I can use for our business. But not this time!

I went to an antique show in lake Odessa yesterday. It was a pretty small show as far as number of vendors, but they sure had some good stuff! My friend Bruce went with me and he even fond something that he was pretty darn excited about!

First, I bought the vintage green antique coffee pot and pastry dough cutter with a green handle that you see above.
I don't have a lot of room in my tiny rental house right now (especially in the kitchen) but, one day, I'll be moving and I'll have room to decorate the way I want. I've passed up so many cool things in the past just because I can't display them well now, but I guess I just couldn't deprive myself any longer! :) 

The next thing I got, and the one I'm most thrilled with, is something I've been keeping my eye out for.
This fantastic table for my patio!
The table is iron and I love the detail work.

And I have matching chairs. They both have seats, but the current fabric is not water resistant so I'm storing those in the house right now until I can fix that! 
 The table came with a glass top, but I'm thinking I will change that out for something a little more rustic. And I'll be adding just hint of color to it too....
 And, finally, I bought this...
It's actually 2 pieces but they fit one on top of the other. This is for On a Whim. I can see this transforming a bit into something really nice and going to our booth. :)

Hope your week is starting off great! 
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