Monday, August 26, 2013

Steam and Gas Engines

This weekend the kids and I stopped by the Clarksville Steam and Gas Engine Association Show. We took some fun pics so I thought I'd share them with you today.
My daughter thought this pink version rocked!

 My son likes John Deere best (but he definitely prefers the green version)
 I gravitate toward older.
 Or some rusty goodness.
Here's my little Bud.
 An Allis-Chalmers.
 A sweet old truck.
 How about this little train made from repurposed barrels? (Of course I had to sneak something upcycled into this post!)
And this vintage paint job is awesome. I do vinyl vehicle graphics on a regular basis at work, but I'm always amazed at the old-style, hand-painted versions. They're so cool!
And the best for last.
There's just something I love about the red and white and this logo...
See you again on Wednesday to show you our newest project! 

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