Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Little Saturday Inspiration

Who knew antique stores and flea markets could be so much darn fun? I would have never thought so before lately. But, even though I was just browsing today, I got a huge ol' bunch of inspiration from my window shopping stops! 

First, I stopped in the cutest litle shop in Lake Odessa. It's called So Simply. If you've never been there and you like darling little unique items and gorgeous jewelry, you should definitely make the trip! I've been there before and I just love it. They had the neatest wall organizer there. It was very simplistic but really cute. Industrial and primitive all rolled into one, with wood and four hanging metal baskets and painted numbers. I would love that for Mother's Day. Or my upcoming Birthday. Just saying... :)

Then I stopped in an antique store in Lake O. Loved so many things there I can't even go into detail. But I will say, most of them we will be making here at On A Whim. So... I guess somebody better get busy. The builder part of our duo, I mean!
But of of all the things I saw, I want to start with this one...

I want our next project to be a farm-style cupboard. I need one old screen door with a little bit of character. Check. One handyman. Check. Some hardware (to be provided by said handyman). Check. The perfect paint color to add some crackly finish to the end result. Check. Check. And double check. I do believe an old-fashioned, farm-style screened cupboard is on the agenda. Now, to go and tell said handyman the news... :) 

Happy  Saturday, everyone. Hope you all find a little inspiration today, too!

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  1. Sounds like a super Saturday! Also sounds like you would enjoy Main Street Treasures New &Not with an additional stop at Keeper of the Crows, also on Main St. Ionia. Next Saturday May 19th, I believe both are participating in sidewalk sales. ;-)


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