Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday... Unexpected Niceties

I've decided to make Thursday my thankful day. Partly because of the alliteration. And partly because it's usually been a long week by Thursday and I could use the reminder that people are generally nice. :)

As I said in my previous post, I am slightly addicted to craigslist. And I also mentioned we were going to pick up a free coffee table yesterday. Well, the plan went awry. Eric wasn't able to find the house number to pick up the table. I thought maybe it was because he's not familiar with the area. Ha! Wasn't I wrong...

I asked my boss, Chris, who lives near where the table was, if he would be willing to pick it up for me this morning. Otherwise, it was going to the fire pit or Goodwill. And I certainly didn't want that! He agreed. That's the first nice part.

But when he got to work this morning, he had no table. I repeat, no table! Rats! I really wanted that darn table. But he said the same thing as Eric: he wasn't able to find the house number. So, the question then became, did this house really even exist? And was there a table at all? :)

Next thing I knew, both my bosses were leaving again. Where to? Why, they were going to find that house and get my table! They are gone right now, on a mission for little old me and my free old coffee table. So, not only was Chris willing to pick up the table when he wasn't far from the location, now they are making an extra trip to get it. Second part of the niceness.

Third part, and probably more important than the table :), is that they are going to look at my car this afternoon. It's overheating and, of course, I don't know why. I should know a whole heck of a lot more about cars than I do, considering what my dad did for a living. But, alas, I know just about nothing. And, I don't exactly have a lot of extra cash. So, when my car goes haywire, I need help. This is not the first time they've helped me with my car either. Thank goodness I have people to help me out of the jams I find myself in.

And so, the decision to start Thankful Thursdays on my blog. I could sit down and have a good cry (believe me, it would be easy enough to do). But, instead, I'm going to count my blessings. Because I have many. And am, indeed, very thankful for that! 


  1. Sounds like the person that placed the Craigslist ad might be some sort of creepy predator. He was luring you with the desk and then he was going to T.P. your house while you were looking for a fake address. If I've seen it once, I've seen it a thousand times. To quote Dokken: "You just got lucky"

    1. Nice Steve. It was a woman I talked to on the phone. But, then again, maybe that was just part of the ploy! lol


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