Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why I'm not a Web Designer

I managed to add a new page to my blog to send people to our Etsy shop. That was the easy part. The problem was how to make the page open in a new window, instead of sending people away from my blog. There wasn't an easy way to do it, like the click of a button (at least  not that I could see), so I searched through the help section. Nothing. Then I did a web search. Found lots of entries on how to make all my links open in a new window, but not just one specific page or link. Logic would tell me I could apply the same technique to just one link, but the problem was, everything told me I needed to edit the html. I looked and looked throught the html but couldn't find my link anywhere! And this, my friends, is why I'm not a web designer! :)

Things like html and css are foreign concepts to me. As a graphic designer, I'm pretty proficient. I think I know my stuff! :) And I'm fairly good at figuring things out with a tutorial or instructions. But I must admit, all this internet code stuff kind of boggles my mind! :) I hope to learn more as I go so I can add some really cool graphics to my blog. But, for now, it's best I leave all that code stuff alone!

I asked a friend if he could help me solve my problem with the link. He checked my blog and said that my Etsy store page did indeed open in a new window for him. Huh? It certainly wasn't for me! And I really don't want people to surf away from my blog when they visit our Etsy store. So...

I am asking for help. Could someone out there who is reading this blog (if there's really anyone out there. lol) click on the tab at the top of the blog that's titled {the shop} and comment on this post to let me know if it opens a new window for you. I would really appreciate your help on this one! Thanks a bundle, and talk to you soon.


  1. Mine didn't not open in a new window. Just thought I would help Denise. Sorry it isn't working for you.


    1. Thanks. I'll get to the bottom of this. I'm sure it's probably really easy. But, like I said, not a web designer here! lol

  2. Didn't open in a new window for me either! Jessica


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