Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursdays... {I need a pick-me-up}

Wow. Has it been a busy morning. I need a break! Or a drink. :) Since it's only 11:30 am, I'll guess I'll wait on the drink and take a moment for my blog.
Writing is my therapy. It always helps me refocus and relax. That, my friends, is just what I need right now. I feel like I've been running 40 miles to the minute this entire day. And it isn't even half over yet! Between water pipe breaks at the Fairgrounds, calls to the doctor about Keara, and the ever-present car overheating issue, I've hardly had a chance to breathe. But now, ahhhhhh..... I already feel like I'm 50% more relaxed than I was when I sat down to write. See, I told you it's my therapy. :)

Sometimes it helps to just take a moment to shut everything else out and think about only one thing. Since today is Thursday, I'm trying to think about what I'm thankful for. I cannot lie: it's a little difficult today to think along these lines while everything seems to be falling apart around me. Both literally and figuratively. lol. But even in the midst of chaos, I know there's always a flip side to every dark cloud. Sometimes you just have to search a little for it. Actually open your eyes and make an effort to see it.

Take, for instance, my daughter's medical issue. I'm waiting for a call back from the nurse to see how to proceed with it. It's nothing life-threatening. Just uncomfortable for my poor baby girl. And yet another thing to add to my list of problems. Of course, there always is a bright side. She's with her Nana today. So she's in good hands. And even if she does need to go in to see the doctor, Nana will take her for me. Meaning, I won't have to miss any work and, therefore, any money in my paycheck.

And as for the overheating car (which I despise right at the moment! lol), at least I can still drive it to where I absolutely need to go. It's a tricky situation and requires a little finesse, basically amounting to me pulling over after about a mile and sitting for a minute or so until the temp drops down again. It's a pain more than anything at this point. But, the old girl is still getting me to work and the kids to school. At least for the moment. So I really shouldn't complain too much (yet!). And, of course, there's my 2 bosses, who have changed 3 parts already trying to fix it. And another friend who is willing to take a look at it too. How can a girl not be thankful for stuff like that? :) 

So, now that I've taken a moment to refocus, things don't look quite as bad anymore. Thank goodness I sat down to write this blog. And thank goodness for ways to refocus those negative thoughts into something more positive. Writing is my therapy. We all need something to bring us back to reality and out of our poor me lapses. What are some of your down-in-the-dumps therapies?

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