Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday... The Courage to Make a Change

Most times, the hardest thing in life is making a change. Even when the situation you find yourself in is no good whatsoever, changing it takes a whole lot of courage. And it's just plain scary sometimes. We get comfortable. Even when life is full of misery, pain and chaos, the alternative is sometimes hard to see. And much harder to reach for.

I was reminded this morning of how fortunate I am to have changed what was once wrong with my life. With the help of friends, I was finally able to walk away from all of the darkness I was sinking in and step back into the light of day. Changing my situation, turning away from it, letting it go, even with all the support I had from numerous sources, was horribly difficult and extremely scary. I'm just thankful today for finally realizing that I was worth enough to deserve more than a life of turmoil. That I was valuable enough for happiness, laughter, love. And for collecting enough courage from those around me, and from right inside of myself, to change my life so very much for the better.

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