Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Fight It? Just Let It Snow!

Seems like we've gotten more snow in the past week over in here in West Michigan than we have the entire winter! And this comes after some record warm temps not too long ago. But, after all, we pretty much learn to roll with the punches when it comes to Michigan weather! :)

Sitting here (under a warm blanket of course!), watching the snow fall, it feels like a perfect time to tell you about one of the simple projects we did before the holidays.

This little silver frame seemed like it was just waiting for bling to really  make it shine. I happen to love white glitter, just not the mess it makes as it flakes off onto the floor! lol. That being said, I though I'd give a technique I saw on Pinterest a try...

This frame already had a matte in it when we purchased it. I took some white glitter, mixed it with Mod Podge, then brushed it onto the matte. I was crossing my fingers that this technique would do what it was supposed to: glitterize my little silver frame with a non-flaky coat of sparklies! And it worked. Once mixed with the Mod Podge and dried on the matte, the glitter did not constantly flake off. Hooray!!

More than satisfied with the results of the glitter experiment, I turned my attention to the picture itself. I painted the backer in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Graphite, then pulled out some rubber stamps. Using my favorite aqua paint, I stamped let it snow onto the backer. The imperfection of the rubber stamps with the paint give it a simple, primitive feel. And I love the aqua color with all that white glitter!

Now, I suppose, I will crawl out from under the blanket and get something accomplished! Too bad, because it's nice and cozy in here! :)

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