Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jar of Hearts

I was home last Friday with a sick kid. And I'm talking really sick! He eventually had to take a rest, so I decided to work on a quick, little project while he slept. 
I grabbed a jar I had already painted with Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™, my box of ribbon and my mom's old tin of buttons, and set out to make something or another. 
I knew I wanted to do something with a heart on it, but wasn't sure what I wanted to make the heart out of. I looked around my supplies and found the perfect material: some thin scraps of corkboard. I cut the heart out of the cork, freehand, and then painted the edges with Primer Red ASCP™ to give it a little more definition. 

 I picked out a red gingham ribbon and glued it to the jar, then added some twine. Next I glued the cork heart over the ribbon, adding a cute pink button in the center. :)
When I went to take some pictures of my project, I realized I needed to put something in the jar for the photo shoot. Well, I didn't really have anything laying around. So, I quickly got out some skewers and broke them off to make them different lengths. Then I grabbed some red scrapbook paper with pink stripes and cut some hearts out of it, freehand again. I taped them to the skewers, inserted them into the jar with a little bit of paper for filler and then, suddenly, my little heart jar became a Jar of Hearts.(I just so happen to be a BIG Christina Perri fan, by the way!)

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  1. I love the look the cork board gives this!!! Very cute!

  2. so cute- i love the use of cork for the hearts- very original!

  3. Thank you. I happened upon your blog somehow today (I've been all over the place and I don't remember whose blog I got your link from! lol). Love your stuff :)

  4. Adorable for a centerpiece. You could pin a special note to the jar for V-Day!

    1. Oh my goodness, I love that idea! Thanks for commenting (and the inspiration!)


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