Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pallet Signs

Here are a couple of pallet signs for your viewing enjoyment :)
Eric sometimes makes them with a frame, like these.
The frame just adds a little somethin'-somethin' to the sign....
I used the phrase life is better when you're smiling, laughing, loving because I couldn't pick just one.
Smiling, laughing and loving are all just so good for the soul, don't you agree?

I used Virginia Chestnut for the frame, Barcelona Orange for the lettering and Cottonwood Sienna for the background.

And, for the second sign, kindness is free.

I've been dealing lately with someone who is not very kind, so this sign is a nice reminder that it doesn't cost a thing to be kind. In fact, it costs a lot more to be unkind, at least in my opinion :)
For this one, I used an acrylic lime-green color for the frame, Virginia Chestnut for the background and Santa Fe Turquoise for the lettering.
The colors together are so bright and cheery. 

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  1. Beautiful words and great idea :)
    Thanks for,sharing!



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