Friday, June 7, 2013

Teacher Gift from a 4' x 4'

These are our last minute DIY teacher gifts.
I saw this cute project on pinterest.
And it was perfect, because we had a piece of 4' x 4' lying around the shop.
My boss cut it for me to about 3.5" high. 
 The kids picked out their color choices and painted the wood.
I used my largest drill bit to drill the holes for the pencils.
It wasn't quite large enough so I had to swirl it around and make the hole bigger, so some of the holes are not straight and the pencils sit a little crooked. But it couldn't be helped and it just adds to the charm, right? :)
I distressed the edges just a bit.
I also put together the little saying on a notebook paper background.
I just printed that right off the inkjet printer. 
The kids chose some scrapbook paper they liked.
(I made sure they only got to pick from coordinating colors)
I mod podged it on and then added the graphic I had printed over that.

I bought 2 packs of colorful pencils at the dollar store and put those in the holder.
They look nice and pretty.
And the project was easy as pie really.

I hope the teachers like them!

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  1. Cute teachers' gift! Visiting from Brenda's Cozy Little House.


  2. what a lovely gift! I just found your blog

    and full of inspirations and ideas

    following you now :)



  3. Adorable...I bet the teachers loved them!!


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