Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rustic Teal Cabinet

Sometimes we start a project and it ends up being completely different than it was intended to be.
This rustic cabinet is one of those projects that definitely changed course!
I had asked Eric to make me a pallet wood sign that was uneven on the top and bottom.
He did and I fully intended on making it into a sign. But the more I looked at it, the more it seemed to want to be a cabinet door. 
So, Eric built a cabinet to fit this sign-turned-door. 
 I stained the pallet wood door with the darkest gel stain I had on hand and we added this old handle that had been previously salvaged from another project. 
 For the inside of the cabinet, I used a light tealish-blue color of latex paint. It was bare wood so latex worked perfectly.
 Then I mixed some acrylic paints to make the darker teal and dry brushed that over the light blue.
 I painted the edge of the middle shelf with the darker teal as well. 
And our rustic teal cabinet was born!
She has since found a nice home in New York.
I think our etsy shop is so cool because it's fun to think of our projects being all around the country.
I'm sure our crafty little things will see more of the country than I ever will! 

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