Monday, July 8, 2013

Orange Creamsicle Handmade Cabinet

Once again, I am gearing up for a show this coming weekend. I've been super busy with some projects that I cannot wait to share with you, but haven't stopped long enough to take any pictures for the blog. So I'm pulling an older project out of the archives that I haven't yet shared with all of my wonderful readers. I like to call this the Orange Creamsicle Cabinet.

This is a custom cabinet Eric made out of pallet wood. The drawers are not very deep from front to back, nor are the very tall, but I love how the thick pallet wood really makes them feel substantial. Like they could really hold a lot of stuff!
We used homemade chalk paint on this cabinet. The outside is a smokey-slate color from Eric's computer room and the trim on the drawers is a creamy white. 
I used Minwax tinted stain in orange on the inside of the cabinet.
We chose pipe straps for the drawer pulls. The copper color really coordinates nicely with the orange stain and looks great on that smokey paint color! 
I'm so excited to get some photos and share a couple of furniture projects that we just finished. I think you're really gonna like them :) But in the meantime, I hope you liked the Orange Creamiscle Cabinet! Have a great day, friends! 
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