Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fabulous Farmhouse Tour: Mudroom & Storage

This vintage white scale sitting atop an old cabinet with a beautiful dark wood top is the first thing you'll see when you walk into Mary's house from the back porch. I just can't get enough of those little pops of red against the turquoise walls! Follow me inside the mudroom for more lovelies! 
Like this vintage looking sign Mary hand-lettered. She saw it in a magazine and decide do make one for herself. She certainly believes in keeping her family heritage and history alive! Go see what I mean with her wonderful keepsakes in the Sitting Room.
I am loving the green on that frame against the light blue walls. 

And here, you can see some more of Mary's talent. She hand painted these sawblades, one tractor for each of her 4 children. 

Just off the mudroom is Mary's storage room.
I'm fairly sure her storage room is prettier than my living room! :)
Here are more of the shutter cabinets like you saw in her Living Room. You can see the pretty outside paint finish here. Isn't is gorgeous?
And what a fantastic way to store some odds and ends!
Perfectly hidden behind a couple of pretty shutters.
Mary didn't want to put in a drop ceiling to cover up the plumbing in this room, so she added this pretty trellis with greenery and christmas lights.
Very attractive and extra lighting for the room, too!

And on her walls... lots of shelving and cupboards, just chock full of pretty vintage baskets and pails.
Pretty darn pretty for a storage room! :)

If you've missed any of the other pretty posts about Mary's farmhouse from this week, this is a great time to catch up!
Tomorrow morning will be the last post in the series, featuring her back porch.
I hope you will join me as I conclude this tour of my friend's wonderful home!

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