Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chippy Window Memo Board

We recently got our hands on a bunch of free old windows like this one. So far I've only used 2 single pane windows with broken glass from the bunch. One I used as a frame for a vintage print I made at work. This one I turned into a memo board with just some drop cloth, paint and jute string. 

You may remember the Chicken Wire Memo Board I showed you last month. I made this project over the same weekend. Same basic concept, but different supplies.
I had some leftover drop cloth from some signs I had made with a bunch of vintage frames so I cut it to size. I used CeCe Caldwell Virginia Chestnut to paint the grain sack stripes on the fabric (after masking off the area with tape to get a straight line).
Before attaching the cloth to the back of the window with my staple gun, I attached jute string in a criss-cross pattern, being sure to pull the string as taut as possible before stapling to the sides of the window. I also attached 2 vertical pieces toward the sides. After that, it was just a matter of stapling the drop cloth to the back of the window. Easy project but super cute (at least I think so). But, then again, old windows usually are! :)
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