Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fabulous Farmhouse Tour: Family Momentos in the Sitting Room

Thanks for joining me again as we continue our tour of the Crosby farmhouse. Today we are visiting the sitting room and dining room. This wonderful vintage crate table, complete with an old lock, is just one of the beautiful pieces of decor here. Look what you find inside...
...more keepsakes from the family's past.
What a treasure chest this is!
Her entire house is full of such lovely pieces, including these framed silhouettes of her 4 children.
Mary used an old hymnal for the backing on these and also in that gold frame sitting there. 
There's just something about old book pages...
And, speaking of silhouettes, this is one she inherited and had sitting in her closet for awhile.
But Mary believes that you should be able to see and enjoy your keepsakes and not leave them hiding away in a box. So, out of the closet it came! A simple black ribbon makes a wonderful hanger for this black, vintage silhouette.

And here's another amazing way to display your keepsakes. All of these items are from family relatives, including Mary herself. She used some wallpaper as a backer and lovingly placed each item behind the glass of this beautiful frame to hang on her wall and enjoy. I really need to do this with the baby items I saved from my own children!
One of the best things about going to Mary's house specifically to do this tour, was hearing the wonderful stories she had to share about her beautiful home decor. The way she fondly remembers and tells the storeis that have passed down to her is so cool! Perserving family history is very important in this household. It's evident here, just as it is with her Gallery Wall that I shared with you earlier this week.
And here is a little gallery to proudly display photos of her own children: a painted and distressed old window. 
Finally, sometimes the little details make a huge difference. Like these wonderful old door knobs Mary uses to hold back her curtains. Isn't this simply lovely?
I hope you've enjoyed seeing the sitting room of this wonderful farmhouse today. Next up is the downstairs bath, with a fantastic turquoise doctor's scale. 

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