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A Shabby Birdcage Anyone Can Make!

A Darling Little Flowery Birdcage via
I'm excited to share a very easy craft with you today. It's a craft anyone can do. In fact, you can make one like it or choose from other Pinterest inspired projects at a Michaels Craft Party near you this coming Sunday! More on that later. But, for now, let's talk about this shabby turquoise birdcage!
Here are the materials I started with, all available at Michaels...
1 pretty metal birdcage
faux boxwood
pretty orange stems
candle pedestal stand
floral foam
colored burlap
pretty ribbon
Martha Stewart Craft Paints
fun wood embellishment buttons
thread and wire cutters
The Supplies for a Shabby Birdcage via
That's all you need to create this!
Shabby Birdcage you Can Make at Michaels via
I started with the base. First, I bushed some paint in Beach Glass on the candle stand. Not all over, just here and there in rough strokes. I then added a color called Wedding Cake. I used the same here and there method, making sure to leave some of the turquoise popping through and also some of the original dark brown of the base. 
Dry Brushing Techinique via
 See all of the brush strokes and the spotty coverage? That's a sure-fire way to get the shabby look I was going for.
Painted Shabby Birdcage Pedstal via
As the stand was drying, I added Beach Glass here and there with a dry brush to the birdcage. The birdcage was a pretty cream to begin with and already had a rusty and chippy appearance. I surely didn't want to lose that! I just wanted to give it a hint of turquoise. I was very happy with the All-Surface Martha Stewart paint. It adhered nicely to both the wooden base and the metal birdcage and dried pretty quickly. That's always good for someone like me who is in a rush to finish things!
Painted Shabby Birdcage via
The next thing I did was cut a piece of the floral floral foam to fit into the bottom of the birdcage. I took my turquoise burlap ribbon and cut 2 pieces to wrap around the foam, simply hot gluing them into place. I knew the floral foam wouldn't show very much, but I wanted to make sure that what did show was a pretty color! If you peek really hard toward the bottom of the birdcage you can see it...
Orange Stems and Faux Boxwood in a Shabby Birdcage via
After setting the burlap wrapped floral foam into the bottom of the birdcage I got out my boxwood. The boxwood I had purchase was in one piece, like a carpet. I can't remember if that's what it was called or not, but it might have been. I don't know too much about floral arranging, so bear with me! I cut it into 4 strips and placed them around the floral foam, tilting them a little so that you can't see the plastic bar that's holding them all together. I always envy all of the boxwood projects I see around and now I have a little bit of my own! :)
Faux Boxwood in a Shabby Birdcage via
 I took my bunch of orange stems and cut them to the desired size with wire cutters, then simply placed them through the burlap into the floral foam, arranging them as best as this novice floral arranger could. But I think it turned out pretty darn cute and just goes to show that anyone can do this crafty stuff!
Turquoise Paint on a Shabby Birdcage via
Next I added this cute pom-pom ribbon by weaving it through the birdcage and hot gluing it together at the back. I grabbed a whole package of color coordinated ribbon for just $2 and can't wait to use the rest! But I chose this fuzzy ribbon here because it just felt right on my pretty birdcage.
Pom Pom Ribbon on a Shabby Birdcage via
 Finally, I grabbed my package of wooden buttons (another $2 find!), added some brown thread through the holes and tied it around the top of the cage. It is pretty darling, isn't it? 

Wooden Button Embellishments on a Shabby Birdcage via
And that was it. Very simple and I love how it looks! Not to mention how it reminds me that spring will be here soon. (It really will, right?)
Pretty Floral Birdcage via
Orange and Turquoise Birdcage via

Pretty Floral Birdcage via
Now, more about that Craft Party...
I'm partying with Michaels and Hometalk
Pinterest Party at Michaels with Hometalk via
On February 16th, from 1pm to 4pm, I will be at Michaels located at 3940 28th Street SE in Grand Rapids to help host a Pinterest Party!
Not in my area? That's ok, every Michaels is having a party and you might even get to craft with another blogger! Click here to see which creative blogger will be in your area!

So what do you have to do to participate?
1) Show up at your local Michaels store
2) Check out the Pinterest inspired displays in your store
3 )Purchase your materials and head to the classroom
{Be sure to bring a Michaels coupon with you. You can find them here...}

For more info, head on over to

Don't forget to Follow Michaels on Hometalk to enter to win a
$100 Michaels gift card!!
Sounds good to me, how about you? :)
Five winners will be announced on Hometalk's FB page on Feb 17, after the party.
win $100 Gift Card with Michaels and Hometalk via
Hometalk is a wonderful way to connect with other people who love all things home and garden as much as you (and I) do! It's a great place to go and find new inspiration, inspire others by showing off your own projects (and you don't need a blog to do it), or ask questions of the other members for helpful advice.
Are you a member of yet? If not, you definitely should be! You can become a member of the Hometalk Community online right now or even while your partying with me at Michaels!

Mark your calendar for February 16th so we can party and create together!

I'd love it if you keep in touch...
Your comments make me smile :) 'Til next time!
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