Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Crafting Party and My Blooming Burlap Canvas

Spring Birdcage and Bloom Burlap Canvas via
Last Sunday while I was the guest blogger at the Hometalk and Michaels Pinterest party, I made this pretty little spring wall hanging. It really only required some hot glue and a tiny bit of painting. I needed easy while I was chatting with people about Hometalk and helping with crafts. This certainly fit the bill!

I started with these supplies, all purchased at Michaels. The flowers & jewels were only $2 per pack and the laser cut letters were 29 cents each. And like I said, it didn't require very much effort to put together either. 
Spring Project Supplies via
While at the craft party, I laid everything out so I could see how I wanted to place everything onto the stretched burlap canvas. 
Laying out the project for placement via
I gave the letters a light coat of turquoise paint, just enough to give them a hint of color. After hot gluing the colored burlap ribbon onto the canvas, I hot glued the letters as well.
Dry-Brushed Letterson a Burlap Ribbon via
Then I added this cute little button heart in the center of one of the letters. I think this is my favorite part!
Wooden Button Heart Embellishment via

Spring Theme Stretched Burlap Canvas Project via
I added these tiny pearl jewels onto the corners as a sort of frame.
Pearl Embellishments as a Corner Frame on a Burlap canvas via
Next I added a coordinating ribbon, simply hot gluing it here and there along the front and wrapping it around the back of the stretched canvas. And I glued tiny paper flowers onto the ribbon. 
Paper Flowers on a Ribbon via
Here it is in my home with my pretty spring birdcage.
Spring Crafts via
 At the crafting party, I had a blast. I got to talk with a lot of customers about Hometalk (read more about Hometalk here) and what a fun website it is. The best part is that you don't have to be a blogger to upload your own photos. When you join Hometalk, you can share your own home and garden projects and even ask questions of other members! Go check out Hometalk if you haven't yet!

I had a sweet little lady who joined me to craft this pretty frame! She brought the metal embellishment from home and added that to some pretty paper she chose at Michaels. I think it turned out so cute! It was a lot of fun. You should definitely go to a Michaels near you next time to join the party! I know you'll have a good time!
Hometalk and Michaels Pinterest Party Craft via
 And I'm certainly enjoying my 2 new spring pieces! Even if the ground is still covered (and I do mean covered!) with snow. I will just have to keep spring in my heart for now. No telling when it will actually be here! :)
Spring Birdcage and Bloom Burlap Canvas via

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