Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jewelry Box {with checker drawer pulls}

We recently finished this little jewelry box.
I debuted it on Monday in a photo of our Broken Chair Chalkboard Shelf.

Eric built this for me to paint and it's so cute!
This was bare wood, so I started with some latex paint in a light blue shade.
Over that I added some Ce Ce Caldwell's Pittsburgh Gray.

But my favorite part are the drawer pulls!
These are checker pieces painted with Virginia Chestnut and a dry brush coat of Santa Fe Turquoise.
I bought the checkers awhile back at a local store and had previously painted these 3.
I love how they look on these small drawers.
Just the right size for this little cutie!

I also cut a vinyl stencil and painted the daisies, 1 on each side and 2 on the top, with the light blue paint as well.
I think this would be just perfect for special young lady!

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